Celtic-Star Irish Bouzoukis

Celtic-Star Irish Bouzoukis

Here you find Irish Bouzoukis far beyond the mainstream. No rebranded, no mass-produced instruments. Designed and developed by me here in Germany and exclusively available directly from me and this website.


People like me from Northern Germany generally don't talk too much. At least not if there is nothing to talk about.

Here, too, I let the pictures and instruments speak for themselves.

That´s why i try to put it in a nutshell:

My instruments are made for musicians who have both feet on the ground. For musicians who accidentally left their instrument for two cold winternights on the backseat of the car. For the 12 year old beginner as well as the professional with an astonished face. For at home, the pub or medieval market. For recording or on stage. For all those who love music and who love life. No matter how, when and where. Instruments that put a blissful smile on your face. Instruments from me for you.

Have fun!

Save the Rainforest

For the musicians of tomorrow

To be honest. I´m not really happy with the usage of tropical woods. On the other hand, there´s not really an alternative. Of course there are good native tonewoods. However, these are usually not available in sufficient quantity or do not correspond to my sound ideas. Artificial materials are not suitable for me either. I´m a woodworm.
I had a conversation with a member of the BfN* in the run-up of development and the outcome was that there is basically nothing against using tropical woods in instrument making. And who thought that Ebony is less vulnerable than Rosewood? However, the devastation of the natural environment, especially by tree-felling assume dangerous proportions. I want to donate at least a few trees for afforestation. Of every instrument sold, 10 euros go to "Oro Verde". An institution with good reputations for about 30 years. Click on the logo to learn more (only in German) or read something about "Oro Verde" on Wikipedia.
I will send the proof of payment to the buyer by email.

*Federal Agency for Nature Conservation / Germany

Save the Rainforest

Irish Bouzoukis

Masterpiece series

For the first time, I'm going to introduce two full-solid Irish Bouzoukis here. I have had a lot of inquiries about such models in the past. And then, when I started looking at some exceptionally tonewoods in more detail, it was clear that something exotic was happening here. Mango, Koa, Irish Bouzouki? Look at this matter with fresh eyes. Just imagine the woods drifted ashore after a long, long journey at Whiterocks Beach during a stormy night...

Then there you may see a merrow or you find dark amber. Who knows?

Perhaps at the moment the only Irish Bouzouki
made from the outstanding Mango Wood.
The Top is made from Canadian Cedar.
"Dark Amber"
The combination of mahogany and koa
make this Irish Bouzouki a real beauty -
not only under visual aspects.

Traditional series

For years I have been selling only Irish Bouzoukis, whith laminated back and sides.


"Why? Full-solid is much better. You can read it always and everywhere. So it must be the truth."


Yes... and no. Full solid instruments sounds different, whether it sounds better is subjective. I´m talking here about Irish Bouzoukis. For me, the laminated instruments still sound great and - again subjectively - match with my sound idea of Irish Folk and celtic-inspired music in general.

Look, listen and get an idea of this yourself.

A great sounding Irish Bouzouki
made from koa and Canadian cedar.
An Irish Bouzouki made from the very rare sandalwood?
I guess you find it nowhere else...
"Swan Maiden"
Never change a winning team.
Tiger-stripe maple and Canadian
cedar harmonize perfectly.

Strings for Irish Bouzouki

"Low Bottom Silky Heights"

These Phosphor Bronze Strings are made especially for me and according to my requirements. No need to say that they are harmonising perfectly with my instruments and enhance the true character of every Irish Bouzouki. Ballends.

Only matching for Irish Bouzoukis with Pinbridge!

The Irish Bouzouki strings are available from Stock. Tuning: G-D-A-E or G-D-A-D.


.048 / .048  |  .032 / .032  |  .016 / .016  |  .011 /.011 (in pairs)

.023 / .048  |  .012 / .032  |  .016 / .016  |  .011 /.011 (octaved)


Gleichchörig (Unisono)
Gleichchörig (Unisono)

.048 / .048
.032 / .032
.016 / .016
.011 / .011

In pairs


incl. 19% VAT. plus Shipping costs.

Here you find informations about: Shipping costs and delivery time.


.023 / .048
.012 / .032
.016 / .016
.011 / .011



incl. 19% VAT. plus Shipping costs.

Here you find informations about: Shipping costs and delivery time.

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